Welcome to The Quack Pack's very own wiki!

The Quack Pack was made by Graham Irving(xRetroDuckz) he always loved fiddling with Minecraft to see what he can do, and this is his latest creation! he's produced a fun, awesome modpack for the public, with a server that has a friendly community and staff team!

Many thanks!


What mods are included?Edit

These mods are included in the QuackPack:

- Archimede's Ships

- BiblioCraft

- CodeChickenCore

- ComputerCraft

- CustomMobSpawner

- Damage Indicators

- Galacticraft

- GuiAPI

- Hats

- IndustrialCraft 2

- Inventory Tweaks

- Iron-Chests Mod

- MicdoodleCore

- Mo' Creatures

- NotEnoughItems

- Optifine

- OpenBlocks

- Project Red

- Rei's Minimap

- Thaumcraft

- WeaponMod

- Wireless Redstone

- ChickenBones Edition

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